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Selling your real-estate property is an important transaction and has to be handled with care to ensure that you realize the proper value. Some of the key determinants of the price that a property ultimately sells for are: the exposure that the property gets; how well it is displayed to highlight its strong features; how assiduously the listing agent follows through on the leads and last but not the least, how the listing agent functions with honestly, integrity and professionalism with the client’s best interest in mind to provide the seller with a smooth experience.
Gaja Realty’s extensive Open House Program
Call into the neighborhood to notify neighbors of Open House.
Place Open House Ad in local newspaper.
Place Open House Ad in local newspaper.
Place home listing in Open House section on Gaja Internet site.
Mail custom Open House Postcard or letter into neighborhoods and target areas.
Strategically place at least 8 Open House directional signs.
Display detailed color brochure of property at every Open House.
Follow up with all guests who attend the Open House within 24 hours.
Place “Open House This Sunday” sign in front of house in advance.
Inspect property the Friday prior to the Open House
Place listing on and to reach buyers worldwide.
Place listing in appropriate Multiple Listing Service using multiple photograph
Promotional information
Produce digital photographs of interior/exterior features for utilization on all marketing material.
Produce digital photographs of interior/exterior features for utilization on all marketing material.
Create detailed house brochure for distribution to customers and realtors.
Create a Gaja Realty custom “Just Listed” postcard or letter.
Create Gaja Realty Financial Services affordability sheet to display at house.
List of all upgrades/repairs completed on major house systems, structure (i.e., roof, plumbing, electric)
Utility information and monthly costs
Survey of property
Tax information
School information
Local community information.
Maximize Appeal
To compete with new houses and the competition in the market your house must be well kept to attract potential buyers. The more effort and resources you put in , the better your chances of a quick sale and the higher the price your property will fetch. The Gaja Realty team will assist you with these operations and make specific recommendations> Some examples of our suggestions are:
Remove all clutter from the house
Always keep the counter tops free and clean
Keep minimal furniture and unnecessary furniture
Keep the refrigerator neat and not crowded
Check the all the bath room for any possible leak and fix it
Vanity tops, Shower curtain, Bathroom flooring should clean
Keep the towels clean and fresh
Keep the wall paper or paint on the wall clean
Always keep the carpet clean, and keep the toys in its place
Fresh paint will help a lot
Keep the windows and drapes neat and clean
If you have pets at home, remove the litter
Smell of fresh air at home puts the buyer at ease.
Play some soft music
From Contract to Closing
Deliver/confirm delivery of fully executed contract to you and the buyer
Confirm deposit of initial deposit monies.
Create detailed house brochure for distribution to customers and realtors.
Report sale to respective board(s) of realtors and Multiple Listing Services in applicable.
Confirm with Selling Realtor the completion of mortgage application (if applicable).
Obtain name and phone number of lender/mortgage loan representative.
Confirm with Selling Realtor the dates, times of termite inspections, home inspections, and any other inspections that are applicable.
Notify you of inspection results.
Assist you in obtaining repair estimates, if applicable.
Assist you in negotiating responsibility for repair issues with buyers.
Confirm deposit of remaining deposit monies.
Periodically contact mortgage representative to confirm status of mortgage loan..
Meet appraiser at property. Provide copy of listing and recent comparable sales/listings.
Confirm house appraisal is adequate and inform you accordingly.
Verify that all contingencies of sale have been satisfied.
Confirm receipt of written mortgage commitment and follow through on any “subject to” items.
Arrange any inspections necessary to pass title.
Confirm ordering of title work and obtain name and phone number of Title Company.
Confirm completion of any agreed to repairs and forward copies of work receipts to closing parties.
Forward copies of applicable certifications (i.e., termite, well, septic) to closing parties.
Confirm time, date and location of closing and inform you accordingly.
Confirm deposit monies ordered for closing. Verify if certification is required.
Ascertain your receipt of final closing costs.
Schedule with you and the buyer the date and time for final walk through.
Notify closing parties as to walk-through results. Resolve questionable items prior to closing.
Remove sign and key box.
Verify location of keys, garage door openers and warranty document.
Attend closing/settlement. Bring all applicable files, documents, keys and any other pertinent information.
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